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Tree shortcuts not working after reopening Rekordbox


The tree shortcuts in the left hand pane are a great way to get to playlists and folders quickly. However, I am currently having to reload some playlists back into the tree shortcut pane every time I open Rekordbox. If this could be fixed so the shortcuts stay there after you close Rekordbox that would be great.

For example, I would have shortcuts loaded into the pane like below:

So a combination of folders, intelligent playlists and normal playlists. This works fine whilst I am using Rekordbox. However, once I close Rekordbox and reopen it, when I click on the shortcuts, it will appear like following:

When I click on the shortcuts with the "!" symbol, the shortcut doesn't work. The other shortcuts continue to work. Both intelligent playlists and normal playlists sometimes work and sometimes don't work. Folders always seem to work, however.

If this could be fixed so you don't have to reload some of the shortcuts into the tree shortcuts pane every time you open Rekordbox that would be great. I am running Rekordbox on two computers - an Asus laptop and a desktop, both running Windows 10 - and it is happening on both of them.

On a separate issue, an suggestion for improvement would be to increase the number shortcut slots from 8 to say 16 or 32, or give the user the option to determine how many slots, as would be great to have more slots to get to your most used playlists quickly.



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Hi, just wondering if this issue was being looked at, in the latest version of Rekordbox (6.6.5) it is still happening.


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