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Rekordbox doesn't sort TRACK TITLE column alphabetically when other column is sorted!

When I put the ARTIST column in alphabetical order, the TRACK TITLE column is disorganized, that is, the songs that belong to the same artist are displayed randomly instead of alphabetically as any DJ software would!

For example: there are 10 songs from "Led Zeppelin". When I organize the ARTIST column, it groups all the songs by Led Zeppelin, but in the TRACK TITLE column, the songs by this artist, instead of being organized in alphabetical order, are completely random, making it difficult to find them in the playlist. This does not happen, for example, in Serato!

Serato sort lists:

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That's a "two column sort" which rekordbox does not do -- sorry. It's on the request list, but we don't have a timeline for implementation.

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