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hid mode

to use the cdj 2000nxs2 in hid mode with a laptop, i understand you link the cdj's together using an ethernet cable and then connect a usb from each cdj to the laptop but my questions is this, do you need a pioneer mixer for this to work or does it not matter what mixer you use?

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thanks, so I have rekordbox open and running on my macbook. I have the cdj's connected to the laptop via usb. The cdj's are connected to rekordbox and i'm able to see the wavs on my macbook, I can also play and use the jog wheel on the cdj to control the wavs on my macbook. The cdj's are connected to the line inputs on my bozak mixer via phono. However, there is no sound out of the mixer in this mode. If I play a cd in the cdj, there is sound. Am i missing something?

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