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Songs way "higher" than normal when changing BPM

Hello ! I am new to this so please bare with me :) I've been having this weird inconsistent issue where shifting BPM up completely destroys the song in terms of note height. I know that this is a normal occurence but even slight shifts (3 BPM) are causing huge changes. I managed to fix this once When i switched from BEAT SYNC mode to BPM Sync while mixing. As if it had something to do with memory issues or performance issues or cpu overloading... I've been able to confirm this twice mid song with a very noticeable change as i was heavily doubting my ears but have been unable to reproduce it since then. It's a bit like on cubase when you incorrectly convert a recording to a different resolution. (Song is hugely sped up and tone is completely destroyed) Any ideas or clues :/ ?
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Enable MASTER TEMPO and that will allow the key to remain the same while the tempo changes.

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