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Framework not loading my iTunes (actually Apple Music app) library

I recently bought a new laptop. It's a MacBook Air M2 running Monterey 12.4.

I store all of my music files in Apple Music (formerly known as iTunes) on an external drive.

I upgraded to Rekordbox 6.6.4 when I got the new laptop, but when I open up the program, it doesn't seem to load my Apple Music library properly.

I've tried restarting both programs (and the computer) several times, and the "Loading iTunes Library" window usually remains stuck at 0%. One time I left it open for 30 minutes and it creeped up to 1%, but moved no further.

Given that Apple Music in Monterey doesn't automatically create/updated an XML file for the music library, I have Rekordbox's Load Method set to Framework, which according to the forums is supposed to work smoothly.

Am I doing something wrong? I do have a huge music library - do I need to wait hours / days / weeks for it to get to 100%? I know that I could manually export a library XML file in Apple Music and then point Rekordbox towards that, but that's not really a practical solution, as I update the library frequently and would much rather have something that works automatically.

Any thoughts/advice would be most helpful.

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