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You have a survey for S7/S11 users gathering product feedback. 

Stock availability has been so poor for so long that I am thinking are you going to bother with restocking items or is your attention now on bringing out some new gear instead? 

I am fully expecting any reply from you to be evasive or along the lines of we don't disclose.... yada yada yada! Why not instead surprise us and give us something! It's not like you will harm sales of any existing stock as there is none available to buy! 

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Unfortunately there are a number of factors working against us for stock levels, including global silicon shortages for chip manufacturing from our suppliers (both processing and DACs), parts delays due to a factory fire in 2020 in Japan, production halted at factories from repeated COVID shutdowns, shipping delays due to container shortages, delivery issues thanks to a lack of truckers and backups at the ports, and high demand on products with very little stock … as such our estimated delivery dates and quantities keep changing. Your best bet is to either place a reservation or deposit, and the retailer can give you a better idea of the availability.

Thank you for your understanding.

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