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DJM S7 midi mapping browse button in Serato dj pro

So I tried to reply to a comment made on my post from yesterday but the website wouldn't let me login to do it so I signed in with another email address...

for some reason the left side browse button doesn't work to scroll up and down through the library. If you press the button however, it does switch between the crate library and track library. On the other hand the right side browse button works fine. Anyone have any tips to midi map the left browse button? I tried the serato dj pro midi mapping function and couldn't get it to work.. 

.......  So the comment in the OG post was "Is the S7 checked off in the MIDI section in Serato DJ?" And the answer is yes. The only option I have right now is to map the browse button to the library scroll down function so when I press the button, the library scrolls to one track below. When I rotate the browse button it does nothing and when I try to map it by rotating it nothing happens. Are the Browse button Rotate functions mappable in serato?

Steven Steed

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Open Serato DJ Pro

Open the preferences

Click the MIDI tab

Click the DJM-S7 in the upper window

Check the Allow Serato Hardware Remapping button above that window

You should now be able to map the browse knob.

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