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DDJ1000SRT INT Mode/Beat grids "stuck" Serato

So I have been using the DDJ1000 for maybe 6 months after upgrading from an SB3, with no isues.

I decided to pull out my SB3 for once and everything worked fine.

When I connected my Macbook Pro (Monterey 12.6 M1 Chip) back to the 1000, I was prompted with a message at the bottom to switch the decks to INT mode to use the controller.

I entered INT mode and was able to use the controller as normal or so I thought. I noticed that after pressing sync the beats would still sync but the grids would not sync. Same thing when beat matching, I would adjust the temp faders and the music would speed up and slow down but the bead grid would not change.

I connected my main laptop to the SB3 and all worked perfectly (i wasnt prompted to use INT mode, nor had the options to access INT,ABS, REL)

I connected an OLDER laptop also a macbook pro to the 1000 and it was running perfectly fine. (i wasnt prompted to use INT mode, nor had the options to access INT,ABS, REL)

I updates my OS, and Serato to the most up to date software with no change.

I attempted to update the firmware on the 1000 but I get the "DDJ1000 not reconized, Plug usb into port A...etc." I followed the troubleshooting to uninstall the audio driver then update the firmware and that was also unsuccessful.

I feel like ive tried almost everything and I feel like the issue is tied to my Main laptop. any advise is appreciated.

ENzo An

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When you got the srt, You got the club kit lic which enables dvs in serato by default. And its the reason your sb3 wont trigger it to come on.  Take serato out of dvs mode while using it on a controller.  Thats what those options (int,rel,abs)  are for. In the setting and then expansions packs its the vinyl and cd control expansion

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