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Autoplay incl Fading Deck A to Deck B and other wishes in Rekordbox DJ

Hy Rekordbox Team.

have now changed to Rekordbox DJ and really miss some features which are really necessary.

1. Autoplay with fading from Deck to Deck playing the next track in the Playlist where the first was listed. this would be nice for short brakes or simply let a playlist run (sport events or such things) Traktor 2 could do this perfektly. Sync at Autofade is not necessary. Simple Track Fade like itunes does.

is this feature planed in the near future


2. Sorting tracks in Playlists: Would be nice if you can take a Track, hold it on drag, and scroll the list up and down (by two fingers on macbook trackpad) this would save lot of time.

3. Search field: if you search a Track, then drag it to the playlist next time you change into all track list the searchfield is clear automatically. Would be nice that the search item still stays in the search field.

So what is planed to do in rekordbox ?

Johann Leberl

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Yes , this feature is on Serato and others and yet not on Rekordbox . This is an important feature for wedding dj;s . and party dj's alike . I purchased the ddj rz thinking that pioneer would be all that , but instead its all that less. My 10 cents , stay away from rekordbox till its more mature , it lacks the basics of most other dj software . So disappointing . Wish i could return my controller and software and go back to Serato , even virtual dj is better.



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bonjour moi le DJ benjamin barros je fais les sorée de anniversaire les sorée de foyer sorée de repas de noèl

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