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Copy part

I see that I can copy and paste a pattern but is there a
Way to copy one part/track and paste it to another pattern? Or
What if I want to copy and paste a part
Within the same pattern because
I want different sounds playing the same notes. I
Shouldn't have to play the same thing in more than once.
Seems like a really basic

Kevin burnstein

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Regarding Copy and Paste, what would you prioritise?

- Track copy (sample assign, parameters, sequence pattern)
- Sample copy (sample assign and parameters w/o sequence pattern)
- Sequence copy (triggers, parameters on each step)
- Step copy (parameters on each step)
- Bar pattern copy (patterns of 16 tracks on a bar)
- Other (if you have some another idea)

Stephen Herdman
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Yes, all that, along with copying and pasting single / multiple trigs is missing. Seems like such basic features. We can only hope they come along with the next firmware release. 

Simon Fine 0 votes
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Hi Kevin,

Currently there isn't a way to copy and paste part of a track or triggers.

Thank you for your feedback, we have passed this onto our engineering team.


Stephen Herdman 0 votes
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Awesome that you want to implement the copy function! :)

I would prefer:

1. Sequence Copy (triggers, parameters on each step)

a) from one single bar to another single bar of the same track or another track

b) from the complete sequence (all bars) of a track to another track


If you then implement

2. Sample copy (sample assign and parameters w/o sequence pattern)

you have the "Track copy" if you combine 1. and 2.

But I think an own "Track copy" would be used more often than a sample copy


3. Step copy (parameters on each step)

would be very helpful when modulating a lot of parameters per step. 

A premium feature would be an automation envelope of parameters: you can set a value per step, the values between two steps are quantized or played as is (quantize option on/off). Or select a preset (sinus sweep, linear decrease/increase, sawtooth, ...). As an preset option you can set to span the envelope over 1 to 4 bars. Would be awesome to have an automation envelope on the screen



Cie 0 votes
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