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Midi problems

There are an awful lot of midi related bugs in the new O.S. .
Do you have any info regarding when a new O.S. will come out and if it will address these issues? I really love the SP16 but the midi problems are a deal breaker. Can't use external keyboard unless clock is set to midi, midi keyboard does not work on midi track....it needs to send and receive data simultaneously for midi tracks to functions with an external controller, neither one works right now. Midi stuck notes if sequencing external gear and all the pads will randomly stop transmitting data to external midi equipment when the sequencer is running, although I figured out that if you press stop and play and the same time it will start working again. Was the os tested throughly before it was sent out? The sp16 is an expensive item and I expect it to work!

Kevin burnstein

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your feedback. I have fed this back to our TORAIZ engineers.

Best regards,

Pioneer DJ Support

Stephen Herdman
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