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XDJ-1000mk2 not recognizing loop size on loop-out after stating from memory cue point

All below is with quantize on.

When looping on the XDJ-1000mk2 with the loop-in and loop-out buttons it is very nice that the loop size (4, 8, 16...) is recognized, so you can visually verify that you (probably) have a perfect loop.

It also recognizes correctly when making a loop the following way: setting a cue point, press play and hit the loop-out button.

However it does not work when that same cue point is saved to memory, and later called. Thus when playing from a (perfectly quantized) cue point from memory and pressing loop-out the loop size is not recognized, while the loop is exactly the same as previous.

(Notice that the saved cue points I am talking about here are not loops. I am talking about looping on the fly from a cue point.)

Jan Répondu

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A memory point is not recognized as an "in" point for the loop, you must hit the LOOP IN button or set the master cue at that point.

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Maybe we have a misunderstanding here... Because calling a memory cue point actually does set the current (master) cue point. A called memory point IS actually recognized as an "in" point for a loop.

To test: call a memory point (a quantized one), press play, then press loop-out after 4 beats. You will have a perfect 4-beat loop from the called cue point to the point were you pressed loop-out.

The problem is that the loop size is not correctly detected and displayed visually. (While quantize is on during both setting the cue to store into the memory and while pressing the loop-out button)

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