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Toraiz using 8 outs - can't hear sample when previewing samples to load to pad

I can't seem to figure out how to hear the sample that i want to load onto a pad when in the 8 output mode.  No sound comes out of any of the outs when I try to load a sample in a pad and assign the output to one of the 8 outs.

Is this a bug?  Or am I missing something?



Michael Firestone

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Hi Michael,

Hope you're well.

Orion's explanation is correct, thank you for your answer. When assigning it to 8CH, it doesn't have a Master output as a HP CUE option anymore, but you can still preview your samples using the PHONES output.

Best regards,

Pioneer DJ Support


Stephen Herdman
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Man I thought I was going crazy. Same thing happens to me. 

Seems that since the assign mode 8CH doesn't have 'master' as a HP CUE option, we're not able to hear the samples we're trying to load from the 'master' but you are able to hear them from the head phone out. ie The samples do play from the head phone output when assign mode is set to 8ch. 

HP Cue stands for Head Phone Cue (i think). I think the samples always play from the head phone cue it seems like. 

Hope that helps. 

Orión García 0 votes
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Can this be fixed in an update? We need to hear samples preview from 1/2 when in 8CH mode.


Teles 0 votes
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