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Some ideas for features, let me know what you think!


I bought a Toraiz SP-16 late November last year after the 1.2 firmware came out. I really love the workflow but still miss some basic features, like cut/copy/paste pads as we all do. I would like to share some ideas for additional features, let me know what you think:

- Separate screen to assign the six encoders under the screen to affect parameters on different pads/tracks at the same time for live performance

- Ability to assign touch strip to master effect parameters (feedback amount on the delay master FX for example)

- Master track for storing parameter locks of master effects, tempo changes etc.

- Store track mutes per position in arrangement view, so you don't need to use up different patterns just to have tracks muted

- Overall volume per scene, for combining different scenes in one project and making them equally loud

- Option to choose which scene to load a scene into when combining scenes

- File management, introspection of projects, adding descriptions to projects, rename projects, add tags to projects (finished, template etc.), support for folders,

- Option to load a template project on power on, instead of the last project

I didn't see these suggestions yet, but it could be that some were already mentioned before... I hope it is clear what I mean as English is not my first languague.

Kind regards,



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Hi Lech,

Lots of cool suggestions. I would love to see some of these as well :)

I will pass them onto our engineers. Thank you for your suggestions so far!




Stephen Herdman
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+1 for most of these but a default pattern is absolutely necessary. Having to set the output assignments, etc every time I create a new project/scene is maddening.

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Thanks for the +1 Craig :) 

Good to hear you are listening Stephen, we all want Toraiz to be the best product it can be!

I have come up with a couple of new suggestions, let me know what you think:

- Quickly que (pre listen) tracks/pads on the headphone output, for example by touching the track on the home screen while holding shift to toggle headphone que on/off
- Send and Master effect simultaneously if possible?
- Allow LFO to change parameter on different track, LFO of track 1 could affect parameter of track 2 for example (alternative to more LFOs per track)
- Fold LFO target list so it's less long and cumbersome to navigate, a press on the rotary dail would open the destination effect so you can choose the parameter
- A symbol in the top right corner so it's obvious arrangement mode is enable
- Move track type setting from the "track menu" to the "track settings" screen, seems more logical
- Option to cut/copy/paste bars in a sequence, now we need to copy whole patterns and go in and clear sequences which is cumbersome
- Independent track lengths for creating polyrhythms, track one could be 16 steps while track two would be 12 steps and track four only 6 steps long

Hope to hear from you!


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