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MeLo-X | Pioneer Toraiz sp-16 | Features needed, review. first time user PT.1

hi I'm MeLo-X I just got the sp-16 from my friend Machinedrum.  My goal is to start Performing/DJing without a laptop Due to the way I want my Live rig designed and also just to challenge my self.  


anyway these are my notes that I took while using it. some are random i didn't go over them but if you understand and can help that would be awesome if its a feature that needs to be added then let deez niggas know ya heard!!

- Its the God, God.


needs 64 beat quantize

copy paste same sample on each pad easier

use of zoom wheel and focus touch bar. keep finger on bar and allow zoom to stick to point where finger is.

control reverb and send effects from the strip

option to change project list from abc order to alphabetical order

ableton link enabled

fx chains

add asdr to slices individually

reverb on track efx

don't play sound on opening sample search

when recording input,  automatically make sample tempo the same as the session.

user 1/2 on touch strip needs to control sends from the mixer

polyphony on scale mode

touch screen slice points

insert slice markers by playing pad while holding shit

change scene/pattern name and show name at top next to "HOME"

pitch strip controls pitch of patterns. right now its only works on pads you play live

Re-trigger same pattern by pressing it again. currently you have to switch between patterns to create a roll type effect

grid lock end point and loop and start points



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Hello Melo-X,

Thank you for your request and feedback. Some of your request have been added to the next firmware update which will be released in February.  I will pass the new request to our production team. 


Thank you

Dj Creme
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There a lot of overlap with requests which is always hard to manage on a message board.   I use another application called substance designer (3d texturing app) and they use a product that lets people make feature requests and for other people to vote on it that may need the exact same thing.  

The company product team can review, approve, and then give to the UX designers and development team to build into their release cycle.


As an example. On substance designer I had voted on a feature, it's taken a year or so, but it was voted on a lot and then the substance designer team picked it up, accepted, and then put into development.  In behind the scenes you can manage that and on the public facing side, we get automatic emails updating on the progress.

It's pretty slick.  

The benefit that you can probably see is that features are consolidated and rated on popularity. It is a place for the voice to be heard but also rewarded with updates. You get to feel like you made a difference.  It also helps manage the average development lifecycle.  People here expect that they request now and it'll be on the next update, when really the next update was stuff planned months and months ago and the feature needs to have enough backing/popularity. They just can't add every single request, we'd end up with a mashup of an interface and priority on things that the community as a whole might not care much about.


Providing a community feature like that would be amazing but it'd be our responsibility to have patience.  If you've ever worked in I.T. or on a dev team, shiz is complicated in product dev/releases, beta's branch merging, main branches, testing, ux interface design etc....




My .02





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I'm just saying what i was thinking while using the gear.. didn't come here first.. just wanted to see if i hit on anything no one else has.

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yeah good list!

the polyphony on scale is what I want super bad!  :) Btw since you are new, just to let you know on the next firmware release they will have Key selection for the the scale panel.

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