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Live DJ Setup : CDJ2000NXS(ver1), DJM900NXS(ver1), TORAIZ SP-16

In the "Combine with" section on the product-page of the Toraiz SP-16 they do not mention CDJ2000NXS(ver1) and DJM900NXS(ver1).


Are they FULLY compatible ?

I want to buy the SP-16 to use in live situations in clubs without PC/Laptop, ... but most clubs haven't upgraded their CDJ2000NXS to version 2.




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That is great news !

Will it also work if you have just 2+ CDJ-2000NXS (ver1) in combination with another brand for the Mixer ?
All clubs I go to have Pioneer CDJs but some clubs have another brand for the mixer.

In other words : Will it work/synq if you link all 3 ( 2x CDJ and the Toraiz SP-16 ) devices to a ethernet hub ?
And will the Toraiz SP-16 then recognize which CDJ player is the Master so that the Toraiz always stay in Sync with the live CDJ?

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