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Feature Request for Rekordbox / Rekordbox DJ

Dear Pioneer DJ,

I would like to propose a set of added features to Rekordbox, with the purpose of making single- and bulk changes to the collection easier.


  • Rekordbox should have the ability to track changes, and revert them. If you accidentally make changes that you would like to abort and/or revert, there should be an “UNDO” feature for this.
  • A feature for “Search & Replace” in the collection, with the option to use this on one- or more selected tracks, or the entire collection. When the “Search & Replace” feature is used, it should be possible to apply a change by “Apply Once”, or “Apply All”. Much like any text editor would do it.
  • The ability to “copy” the value of a field, and “hold-and-drag” that value up or down to paste the given value to other cells. This is how “Mixed In Key” and “Microsoft Excel” does it; by clicking on the lower-right corner of the cell, and simply dragging it up or down.
  • The “key” field in both Export- and Performace mode should be slightly wider, to facilitate keys written “out”, like the default format of services like Beatport provide. At least 6 ASCII characters should be available.
  • There should be an option to present keys in the “Camelot Wheel” format when detected- or specified key is compatible. A constraint here might be that Rekordbox would have to analyze- and detect the key for this to work, or that the specified key is written in a Rekordbox-friendly format.
  • Rekordbox should have an option to analyze- and add “Memory Cue Points” automatically. The detection sensitivity should be fairly high, or customizable.
  • It should be possible to define a new path for a track. Say that the drive letter of an external drive is changed, a feature to change the path for one- of several selected tracks should exist, so that the library doesn’t have to be deleted and readded.


Thank you for the great work you do on this powerful software!

Tord Forland

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