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RekordBox: Add information on tracklist exported (Start-Time and End-Time Track played)

In the playlist when I export from history, it would be necessary to export for all single track of tracklist played also the start-time and end-time of the tracks played (for all single tracks).

This export method would help a lot,to fill modules during the live set, for the due royalties, avoiding transcription errors. (For example, in Italy if the song is played for less than 30 seconds, it must be reported on this module).

This would be enough for export to add these two fields.

Before buying DDJ-RZ controller, I had a DDJ-SZ controller with another software and this function worked quietly and properly.

How should I do? Kindly, how can I solve this problem?

Denis Degano Répondu

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That information is not currently logged into the history however we will pass that suggestion along to our rekordbox team. Thanks for your feedback.

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Thank you for your attention, it's important that the start time and end time of the tracks are marked with relative time compared to the first track.

For example:

#Track   Title     Artist    (other imformations)    Start-time   End-time

01          [Title Track]   [Artist] ......                  00:00:00     00:03:50

02          [Title Track]   [Artist] ......                  00:03:35     00:05:30

03          [Title Track]   [Artist] ......                  00:05:15     00:07:25


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This is in the list for consideration on a future rekordbox update.

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