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Sampling workflow

It has possibly / probably been mentioned before but nonetheless IMO it bears repeating - 2 things re sampling that struck me again as major roadblocks this evening:


When having just sampled it would be great to be able to loop the sample as you are adjusting the length while auditioning (holding down the main rotary encoder). This is kind of bread and butter sampling workflow - you are simply hoping that your loop is bang on when you save it, as you can only test the loop when you leave sampling mode. You can get it close, but it would save time to be able to do this in sampling mode.


Slice to transient. Pretty please. It takes alot of time to edit slice points, even with the fantastic touchscreen. It's old hat by now, it would be great to see that in the SP16

Simon Fine

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I complained about this a while ago and agree that this is an important required feature. Hopefully Pioneer is listening !

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