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XDJ-RX Hot Cue Feature Requests


I would like to see 2 two features in the XDJ-RX.

1. In slip mode, keeping the hot cue pressed only lets play a bar maximum. I would be happy to have playing the hot cue as long as I keep pressed, also I discovered that it will play minimum one beat, which is kind of disturbing in some cases.

2. Hot cue behavior like other software, such as jump to hot cue but not play if deck paused, play if deck is already playing. 

I know these behaviors are standard with the CDJ family but a menu setting that is optional would not break the compatibility if needed.



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XDJ-RX3 has gated hot cues. Unfortunately this behaviour will not be available on older units via an update.

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Good thoughts... ok.... but after 5 years of thinking... it's not possible to have an option for hot cue "gate playing" (like in rekorbox...) also on the console xdj-rx? Coming from a ddj-sr it's quite strange to have this "sudden playing" behavior... Thx

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