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[RDJ] Change the key without affecting the tempo

Good evening,

I imaging this has already been requested, but I'm posting about it just in case. I really wish I could change the key of one track without modifying its tempo. Many vsts enable to do this really easily (waves soundshifter for instance), and I would love to be able to do this while performing live with rekordbox dj. 

In case changing the track's key while playing it is too difficult to achieve, being able to create a new version of the track in another key would be enough I believe.



Lucas Marchal

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This would make life much easier if you in RBDJ could re-key while prepping the set.

Often times you omit tracks cause there would not be possible to climb to many keys or jumping across to the majors and back.

If you can re-key on the fly while playing even better!

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