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Exporting/importing collections and playlists to a 2nd computer

I'm new to rekordbox having switched from Traktor and being a big fan of the Pioneer products having had CDJ's in the past and using them in clubs.

I was very disappointed to find the only way to share the collection/playlists is effectively a "cut n paste" method which is very bizarre.

Most pro DJ's would not want to use this method as it involves only having the collection on a removable drive - risky in a club environment.

If it can be cut and pasted to the drive then imported into a second computer why oh why can it not simply be COPIED to the drive then imported?

I have read many many complaints from customers about this missing option and i contacted tech support to be told it could not be done.

I use 2 macs - 1 is a backup and i need the backup to be a clone of my main mac, just in case the main mac fails while out DJ'ing. 

Surely this cannot be hard to do? and other software's do it. 

I had to make a new collection which took THREE days and nights to do! 

As a professional DJ / Producer this is not ideal at all.



AKA: David Noakes / Noaksey

David Noakes

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The metadata Handling is still a total Mess.. Database screwed Up...Ans you will lose all your Work in the Files (Gruss/cues/etc)

Daniel Ventura 1 vote
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Damn thats not good Daniel :( 

such a shame all this as pioneer to me is the leader the "best" and i switched so i could link in at clubs to the decks and use the sync manager etc but a simple database copy seems not possible.

i'm trying to see right now if i can import the backup from my first mac to the second but everything i've read seems to say this feature was lost a few updates ago, oddly.

The move database feature is a great tool - if only the developers would add a copy database button also, this would help massively.

I still really like Rekordbox but i'll be keeping Traktor on my second mac as a backup until this is resolved - cant risk a crash in a club when I'm the only DJ and doing 11pm- 4am sets!

David Noakes 2 votes
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Hi Gary, 

Why is having the collection on a portable drive risky? For me if anything it gives you versatility and contingency. 

I play primarily in RekordBox performance mode.

I use an external drive for my RekordBox collection this allows me to easily switch between working on my iMac when I am at home and my Macbook Pro's when I am on the road. 

I always carry a spare HDD with me which is a mirror copy of my master HDD and I use a program called Chronosync to do this. The software costs around $49 but well worth it. Simply plug in the two drives and ask it to mirror one of them and it will do so. It does differential copies as well to save time. If your main drive fails then plug in the backup, point the RekordBox database to it and you are back in business in seconds. 

I do have a spare Mac I carry but generally as a backup for the computer failing I export playlists to USB stick to use in the CDJs. 

I am not saying Pioneer should not put the copy function in you suggest. 




Colesy 0 votes
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Hi Colesy

I used to work this way then had a major crash due to the hard drive failing. I've also had issues with cables not connecting the drive so half way through a set it isn't recognised and the music stops playing. I've also had people knock it when approaching me for requests again causing crashes. I extended cables to keep it out of the way but had further issues. So the way i now work is i have taken my optical / DVD drives out of both macs and fitted 2TB internal drives which for me is a safer option. I still have removable drives for backup only or swapping files between the macs.

This is not an unreasonable request. Even backup then import doesn't work - it DOES import the collection, but doesnt import the playlists and all other data.

It's not the end of the world, i can rebuild everything but with the market leader and in the pro sector - this should be a feaure there is a whole ton of people complaining about this and most other softwares do it - even virtual dj i believe!

David Noakes 0 votes
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Colesy - Chronosync sounds interesting - and your method is another good backup option - but - again, from what i can tell rekordbox will only allow a copy and paste type method of getting it to that drive - unless you know of a way to use Chrono to get it there?

I'm sure others would also like to have a backup on a removable drive too as well as the internal drive for main use.


David Noakes 0 votes
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