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33/45 rpm dvs issue

Is there a 45 speed rpm setting in rekordbox dvs? I use serato but want to switch - had no reply in another forum post or from support. I was hoping to get a reply ASAP as my trial ends soon... I use Technic 1210s.Thanks

Kyle Blyth Répondu

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I did answer your other post:

@Kyle > I don't think there is, but I'll ask. I know the setting in the preferences for the 33/45 is only for the jog, not DVS timecode input.

There hasn't been a response to my inquiry yet, but as it doesn't seem there is an option for it in the system currently, it would be a feature to be implemented down the road.

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Is it possible to update Rekordbox Dj with the "45rpm option" for DVS please ?

It is missing comparing to Serato and it is usefull with Vinyls Decks ;-)

Many thanks !

Julien CHEUTIN 1 vote
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