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Wedj great app that has pure potential if updated

Firstly i want to big up pioneer for wedj. Impressive app. 

 I however have a few things i wud love to see fixed in a future update. 

1) the default  hot cue mode. When a song is paused and hot cue is pressed, it doesnt go to the cue and remain paused. It actually start playing the song from the cue point. What i want is, if a song is paused and hot cue is pressed. The it just go to the cue point and remain paused until i press play. 

2)allow us to see a moving wave for when app is in jog wheel mode. Currently if ur in jog mode and trying to set a cue point, without a voving wave form makes it near impossible. 

3) for the slicer mode could we also have loop slicer as well. And maybe parameters to make the slices shorter. 


5) the pitch slider has to be reset wen a new track is loaded wen using wego

Overall great app. The beat grid to me is simplier than rbdj. 




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