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XDJ-700 GUI suggestions



when I go to 'Search' theres no way to clear the search writing area other than tapping a zillion times on delete, there would be space for a 'clear' button or at least it should clear the text if you hold delete for long, holding it pressed does nothing now.

I come from a scandinavian country and we have an alphabet with ä,ö,å letters etc (an a and an o with two dots etc), these do nothing in the search. It would be easiest for you to just treat those as the same letters but without the dots.

Try searching for for example 'Royksopp' and you'll get nothing because the artist is actually called 'Röyksopp'...there's no need to add a scandinavian alphabet (unless you want to), but search should just treat the 'ä & å' as an 'a' and the 'ö' as an 'o' and everything would be fine...



Kim Kanerva

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Yes, this is a much needed item. I just noticed too that on the new RX2 there is a "Clear" button. Perhaps this is so on the CDJs as well. This is a necessity for basic functionality and would be very helpful to have. It's implementation would be greatly appreciated and we'll received.

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