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Rekordbox / Ideas for improvement

Hey guys, thanks for constantly working on rekordbox. 

Please let me give you some ideas to improve the RB experience, which I'd greatly appreciate. 

Letting RB ask you if you want to syncronize your usb with an older version of your playlist:

- I have two PC, one for home, and a laptop for touring. When I am out of home  I often re-edit the playlists. Then it is a pain in the a**, when putting the stick in the home-PC again, with the newer versions of the playlists, which get emmidiately overwritten with the old ones. 

So, I have to disable sync, export the playlist to desktop and then re-import it to RB again, plus re-finding the tracks (Track-Path on USB differnet to trackpath on hard-disc). Same with new tracks, that I last-minute bought.

Why isn't there a routine where RB and the USB-stick shortly talk to each other, who has the newer Versions, or even some new tracks? An if there is a difference RB should ask the user, what he likes to do with the different informations. 

I know you are hard working anyway, but I think this would be a great improvemt to the workflow.

So far, these are only suggenstions.

Thanks anyway.

RB ist still a great tool.


Jo Hannes

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