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Toraiz Road Case

Hey So Pioneer,

Any chance you can offer the earlier birds of the sp-16 a rebate on this flight case too? http://pioneerrebates.com/UserUploads/DJC-TSP-16%20Rebate_MAR%202017_Full%20Form_noflag.pdf

Also, what do you all use for moving your toraiz? I've done some lite searching on flight cases but nothing to extensive. Is this a custom build job or are there existing joints out there? I keep wanting to take my toraiz to my dj gigs but I don't trust me without a case. :)

Orión García Répondu

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 @Orion > Sorry, that rebate is only available for buyers between March 1st and May 31st.

There are plenty of case builders who either have something similar in size or could make a custom case for you - try Odyssey, SwanFlight,  etc.

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