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DDJ RB mapping problem

I just bought a new DDJ-RB, but when I plugged the DDJ-RB in my laptop there was NO mapping!

No button was responding.

I already have the latest version of rekordbox and the drivers installed.

How could you help me with that?

Jorge Badaue

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@Jorge > Which operating system are you using and does your DDJ-RB show up in the system device manager (Windows) or MIDI devices window under Audio MIDI Setup (Mac)?

Are you sure you have the correct drivers for your OS installed?

Can you post a screen-shot of the Driver Version Setting Utility window (here's mine, for reference):

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Hi, I just bought the DDJ-RB and have installed Rekordbox 5.1.1, the driver 2.0.0 and upgraded the firmware to 1.0.3 but I get the same problem: there is no mapping and the unit doesn't show under it's own name, only USB-unit.

The unit seems to work alright except that I have to set all the mapping manually. That is a days work to figure out all the exact midi numbers to all functions. 

I have tried to reinstall it all a couple of times, I even upgraded my macOS to 10.12.

Does anyone have the csv-file with the correct mapping for me to import? Or perhaps someone could export it for me :) that would be helpful? Thanks

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@Hannes > Have you reset the defaults through rekordbox? Click the MIDI button then click the DEFAULT button in the top right.

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