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XDJ 700 and XDJ RX "Matching" search


I want to switch to Rekordbox ecosystem from my current Traktor setup because of "Matching" feature (two tracks manually marked as a good match).

Does XDJ 700 or XDJ RX has this feature in "stand-alone" mode? I mean, having a suggestion of matched tracks, not the setting the matches themselves.

Or, in that matter, what devices currently support this feature? I guess, XDJ-1000mk2 and CDJ-2000NX2?

Thank you :)

Alexey Lyubovitsky Répondu

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No, sorry - the MATCHING category is supported on the USB device you export to, but the XDJ-700 can't display it, only the CDJ-2000NXS2 and XDJ-1000MK2 support it at this time.

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Oh, I see, XDJ RX doesn't support that :/

But what about XDJ 700?

Alexey Lyubovitsky 1 vote
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