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Include an ALAC/FLAC to AIFF converter during / after exportation


Would it be possible to have an optional ALAC / FLAC file into AIFF converter directly into Rekordbox during or after the export? 

Numerous time I ended up not playing tracks because the club I was playing at had an older model of CDJ. If I could do that directly into rekordbox I wouldn't have this kind of problem anymore.

I would also be able to convert all my collection into FLAC and save a LOT of space taken by all these AIFF.

Thanks in advance! 


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Just went to post this today, but I'll tag on here.

Club I want to play has NXS1, but most of my tracks are in FLAC.

Using external software to convert them is fine, HOWEVER, you then lose all your analysis, cue points, beat grids etc - and this isn't really acceptable.

If you look back in forum threads, the argument was always "not enough demand" / "use wav" - however that was then - and the fact that the NXS2 range support FLAC/ALAC - means people will be using it - and (like me) they will then be pretty miffed when they can't use those files on anything else.

As they are lossless compression techniques, doing a conversation will make no change to the audio data at all, and also won't require trans-coding (just decompression) - so will be really fast.

I think this is pretty important now - especially as there is currently no other solution than "convert them yourself, then re-enter all the beat grid cue point information"...


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Agreed. I have all my collection in Apple Lossless. It would be perfect to select Rekordbox to export selected files as AIFF or MP3.

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