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Sp-16 idea of a group mode


i post this under suggestion, but i think that there no sp-16 user reads this. So, post here again, for a discussion.




sorry for my english.

I had the idea of a group mode for the sp-16 the last days.

with the group mode you can control different tracks at the same time like volume, mute, pitch, fx for the group, route the analog filter.

Two or more tracks are one group. For example a drum group Pad 1 Bd, Pad 3 - Clap, Pad 5 - Hi Hat. When you are in the group mode you can choose this tracks with track button. Ehen you press mute, all choose sounds are muted at The the same time or i can change the pitch of these sounds in the same time.

or a group with a piano, vocal, git i can filter in the same time.

I would put this mode where the song mode is in the moment. Because I doesn 't need the song mode in a live performance.


the only problem i see is when i unchoose a sample of a group because it runs with the track patterens then.


i think, that would make the sp-16 more interesting.


Also a link mode would be great special feature. You can link one pad with an other. One pad is the master pad with the main trigs and other track information And one or more pads are the slave. When I hit the master pad the other pads run also. That would be great for drums, for low end theory or to make chords with a single tone.

Please deactivate that a sound is triggered, when i choose a track with the track button and a pad.

And make a pad playable when it is mute.


Great greetings

Ch. Vogt

and the sp-16 is a great maschine. I love it. But I need some elementary features (copy tracks and pads, mono sampling, midi in etc) and some special features to make it to the best performance sampler today. It has the potential. And keep it simple. The simple maschines are the great maschines today (sp-1200, mpc 60-2000, tr-808, juno)😉

teja vogt

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Great idea! I just wonder...how can we know that the hardware implementation made by Pioneer allows all these expected new features? Maybe someone with knowledge background , regarding programming/hardware specs in building and testing these type of devices should come with essential proposals that would fit the sp-16 specs and the resources left in it for expanding.

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Cool, i see in the manual of the djs-1000 you put my idea of a group mode in the unit. I hope you do it also in the sp-16.


and i hope i get a djs-1000 for free😜 For my idea.

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