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additional action for track/mute/scene/pattern buttons.

The current workflow for action buttons track, mute, scene & pattern buttons is as follows....

1a Select  Action (eg) MUTE

1b Select Pad, pads or step buttons for action 

1c DeSelect Action

This workflow is the same for each of stated buttons, but can be streamlined in the case where (say) a simple pattern change, or mute of one or two pads, or selection of a track is desired.

I propose that if the Action button is HELD while other buttons are pressed, then when the Action button is released, the action is deselected.

In the case of 1 above it would change to..

2a Press HOLD Mute

2b Press pad(s) to mute

2c Release Mute

You will notice that for a scene change, track select, pattern select and mute track, that this is a smoother workflow, and can be added WITHOUT changing current behaviour


regards, Ian


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