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Drag a Playing Track from a Virtual Desk and Instant Double the track to Sample Bank.


Hey Guys, I'm new to Rekordbox DJ and I'm not sure if Rekordbox can do this currently or not but, in Serato DJ, you can instant double from the Virtual Decks down to the Sampler, from the Sampler up to the Virtual Decks and also between the sample slots themselves. This means the position, track gain, and speed and Sync will match when you drag a track to from one location into another.

This allows you to beat match tracks on the Virtual Decks, and then instant double the track down to a slot, ...

***MOST IMPORTANTLY, freeing up the Virtual Decks to continue your mix with other tracks.

To do this is Serato, you click and drag an already playing track from a Virtual Deck or sample slot and drop it on another sample slot to begin instant doubling. You will need to ensure you have Instant Doubles enabled in the Setup Screen.

This would be a really nice feature to add to Rekordbox if it can't already do so..



Alex Lawrence

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