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Rekordbox DJ more midi controller hardware options


With Rekordbox DJ getting bigger, and version 5 on its way. It would be nice to see some other options when it comes to controllers for the software, instead of all-in-one controllers. 

1) X1/K1 style controller for trasport controls of the software, so you can use the clubs mixer and play off your Mac.

2) Midi Decks, platters/jog wheels midi controllers. Instead of having to spend loads of money on full size CDJ's or XDJ's, how about full size midi deck controllers for Rekordbox DJ ? 

Ive just moved from Traktor to Rekordbox DJ because it makes sense with keeping all your files in one software, as I like to play on the 2000s in the club, but from time to time find myself playing at events where they don't have up to date equipment ! So take my Mac and K1 controller and play off Traktor. 

I've now mapped RBDJ to my K1, so now if I have to use my Mac to DJ at a event I don't have to transfer files over to another software before the event. 

Trust me theres nothing worse than thinking you will be playing on 2000s, only to be told the day of the event there is a problem and you need to bring your own kit !!!!!! So by using RBDJ as my only software, all my music is up to date in one place. 

So I would love to see Pioneer DJ expand on their controller options with ideas like I have listed above. 

The X1/K1 style transport controller for RBDJ would definitely bring Traktor users over to the Pioneer software, and full size mini controller platters for DJs who already have a mixer but just want the feel of the decks when using the software would also create interest in RBDJ. 

I know a lot of DJs who use the clubs 2000s with RB files on a usb stick, but don't have the same set up at home ! And are put off by the small size platters/jogs on the controllers. So would be great to be able to have Pioneer Decks that were just midi controllers for RBDJ. 

Just a thought ;) 

Neil Preedy

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