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DDJ-RB headphone cue mix control

I recently bought a DDJ-RB and I'm loving it all but apart from the headphone cue mix control functionality. Essentially you can't headphone cue mix you new track into the master and hear it how you would usually like to hear it. 

However, looking at the cue buttons on the RB, I think this is possible.  You could change the software to do the following: 

Deck 1 is playing the track you want to mix out of. Cross fader is full left. 

Deck 2 has your new track you want to mix.  CUE 2 is selected so you can only hear deck 2.  In this setting you can control the volume of deck 2 in the headphones.

Now, if you select CUE MASTER then what happens now is the volume of the master comes on at full and blasts your ears and you can't even hear the track you're trying to mix in any more. So, what I suggest is that once CUE MASTER and CUE 2 have been selected the volume knob turns into 'far left = cue 2 / deck 2' and 'far right = master volume'  so, when you turn the volume knob it now controls the cue / master mix instead of just the headphone volume. 

I know there's a slight flaw in this because once you're in this mode you can't control the volume, but if you could leave it at the set volume it was before then that would work. 


Dan Jones

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