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My TSP does not receive the song position


I've setupped my TSP-16 as slave. It receive sync without any problem.
When I use arrangement menu it cannot receive the song position from my master tempo (a Elektron Machine Drum). All the other gear that I use during my session receive correctly the song position from the machinedrum so I guess that the problem arrive from my TSP.

I've enalbled the song position IN from the settings menu in the TSP.

Is this a known bug or there is something that I do in the wrong way?

If not will be great if you can fix this feature.


Thank you very much


Robert Towelar

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Hello Robert,

I have tried to recreate your problem on my end and it seems to be that the SP-16 does not follow song position correctly. I will report this to the production team and hope to get this resolved in a future firmware update.

Thank you for your request and feedback.

Dj Creme
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Thank you for the help and the feedback.


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