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Is it possible to get a UNDO and REDO feature in RBX V?

I use several programs both on PC and MAC and I'm used to be able to cancel, back or redo procedures when working with music and art.

It would be nice to have a similar feature in RBX so if it were to be the case that you do something dumb, you can correct it with a mouseclick or two.

If you delete a file or edit it wrong, you can press the back button and get back on track again.

Another feature i would like is be able to find and edit duplicates in playlists and physical media (Explorer)

Cause if you use the Prodj link you will have tons of dupes lying around and that will increase the workload on the player itself and on your mood as well.

If i search for a popular producer / artist, i want original and a couple of remixes, that it. i don't want a search-result thats a mile long with dupes.

Cause if i delete them the playlists wont work and i get the classic error in the player.

Another thing, is some sort of lock on the playlists, cause in the file tree (CDJ) with playlists if you are to fast and press menu when loading "your settings" you can delete the entire thing. It has happened to me a couple of times. Luckily i had backups with me. so it was no biggie. But if that was my only one-source. i would have been F###D

Thanks for you vigilance and constant support!


Martin db

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