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Rekordbox Playlist Management - Quick Compare/Diff

Hello!  It would be nice for those of us  who would like to maybe not have 1 or 2 main sets we do, but maybe 5, to be able to "quick compare" two or more playlists for duplicates - rather than manually create another intelligent playlist to accomplish this (If you can even do that - haven't tried making an intelligent playlist and filtering based on the presence of tracks in other playlists).

Would also be nice to be able to do a diff between playlists.  Let's say you have a static playlist that needs updating with some new tracks but it's hard to see what tracks you don't already have.  Then let's say you have a separate playlist of all your new tracks added that year.  It would be nice to quickly do a diff between these two and easily see what tracks are missing from your static playlist.

DJ Elevate

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