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How To Know Which USB Is Playing And Is Not


I am from old school style trying to use USB / flash disk. My question is how to know which USB is the one that playing in particularly XDJ RX ( no link ). I can tell it doesn't always mean USB 1 in deck 1 is the one that loaded in deck 1 or USB 2 in deck 2 is the one that loaded in deck 2.

Thank you.

Update / Solved :

I don't see the feature to reply the comments. Thank you for the answers, the official comments number 1 and 3 is the one who work for me, and thank you for showing the image how to add the background color. Appreciate it. Cheers!

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Three ways...

1) Colour. You can add a "colour" to the drive, so when it's connected, you can have red for your right deck and blue for the left (as an example), then when looking at the player, you can see the track's title above the waveform has a background colour of that drive.

2) Info. Pressing the info button will show "USB@PLAYER2" or "USB@USB2" (I think that's what it shows for the RX/RX2, I can't recall at the moment!).

3) Stop. Press the STOP button for the USB drive you want to remove, but don't hold it - just a quick press and release. If you hear the audio dip in volume, that drive is active. If there's no change, you're safe to hold the stop button and remove the drive.

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In rekordbox dj when you connect the usb u can change the background color of the usb 

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