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Akai Amx/Pioneer Ddj - xp1 with rekordbox Dvs

 Hello Everyone. I have an Akai AMX and turntables. I have recently purchased a Rekordbox vinyl pair and i am considering purchasing the Pioneer Ddj - xp1.

Given this add-on comes with rekordbox Dvs, i wanted to know before i buy if this set-up will work with Rekordbox Dvs. What i mean is, will i be able to map the Akai AMX ( I have found the mapping somewhere else ) and use both this mixer and the turntables together with the Ddj - xp1 on Rekordbox dvs?

I am sorry if this is not the right topic to post this thread or if i was unclear of my intentions at some point. 

Happy DJing and Thanks in advance.


Francisco Fernando

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