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SP-16 going to phono RCA input in mixer?

Hi All

Recently got an SP-16 (finally!) and absolutely love it. Think it's one of the most user-friendly bits of gear I've had in a long time, and I'm now working on making it the centre of my live setup (looking forward to the live-sampling too!).


I'm also considering switching from a standard 8-channel mixer to a smaller DJ mixer with a crossfader, so I'm wondering, will there be any detrimental affects to the sound coming from the SP-16 if I use some "Mono Jack to RCA" cables to go into the phono inputs on the mixer? Thinking it'd be nice to route the stuff coming out into separate sides so I can crossfade between them (drums on left vs. all else on right for example). Would also mean I can EQ each separately.

Appreciate any input!

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Nope, nothing wrong with that -- but don't forget, you're going to the line inputs, not the phono inputs, even if some people describe that as a phono jack type (aka. RCA).

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