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DJS-1000 Feature Requests

I love this sampler:) Great job getting it out but I do have some ideas to tweak it a bit more (in no particular order).

  • Snap to Zero crossing when slicing
  • Muting Pad option to choose from muting only the sequencer or both sequencer and live play.
  • Playlist with the ability to record live mutes and automation ***
  • Single Shot trigger... so when bar loops to bar 1 certain samples are not triggered again.
  • 8 bars per pattern...4 wastes precious pads.
  • Bounce to pad without having to record real time
  • global use of the ribbon for entire track
  • an EQ per pad in addition to FX (or just two FX blocks.
  • consolidated indication as to which parameters are modified without menu diving
  • a clear all parameter function per trigger
  • copy / past a trigger with parameters 
  • loop ping pong
  • trigger to indicate which slice and scale pad was triggered
  • master and pad parameter automation record 
  • 2 LFO's per pad
  • sample switching per trigger (like Octatrack)

Anyone else have any suggestions? It doesn't need to get too deep but as a sampler it would be a good idea to pick up on these ideas.

Gian-Piero Furfaro

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Great list Gian-Piero! Agree with everything.

  • 2 LFO's per pad

Single cycle LFO mode to emulate envelopes for any parameter. Pitch and filter envs are sorely missed.




Bryan Ferguson 0 votes
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Hey guys, I would love a count in option for live recording. I do live pad drumming and it would be great while sampling to be able to hit the pad but not have it start sampling until the downbeat of the next bar. At the moment with it starting straight away I'm missing the beginning of the bar and it kinda throws me off the rhythm I'm playing too.

If this option already exists then apologies in advance.

Ian Jones 0 votes
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