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safari and this forum

There are huge problems with safari.... constent loop to sign up and so..... I'm using opera right now to get access to it (Opera seems to be nice so no t a problem but i think you need to know about safari)

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@Theo > Thanks for your feedback. This is not a "forum" software, although this functionality is provided on this platform. We will not be seeking out any forum-specific improvements as we slowly transition more toward the ticket system already available.

As for the login issues, the users who have had these issues have been able to resolve them by clearing the browser cache AND cookies for any of the following:

- pioneerdj.com
- zendesk.com
- gigya.com

Also ensure your browser is fully up-to-date and not blocking Javascript.

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The login issue is still on going... 😩

After filling the user and password, the login page starts to run in circles, ending with a blanc login page, over and over again. Or when you click on “Login” you get a white webpage, and nothing more happends...

I experienced this with my Macbook Pro running the latest OSX and Safari. When I try to login via my iPad most of the time logging it works more or less ok, but yet not perfect.

I think the website crew of Pioneer needs to do some extra work to make the forum section works better with logging in.

Next to this I find the forum quite a bit simple. I can see the avatar of users in a topic, but no name. And there is also no “Quote” option to reply. Maybe Pioneer should consider making a complete new forum based on other website software, both with better login, and forum features.

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