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Help! XDJ1000mk2 vs CDJ 900nxs

Hi Guys! 

I was about to buy the XDJ 1000mk2's when I saw that the CDJ 900nxs's were only £200 more. Can anyone help me make my mind up? I'm aware that the XDJ is mainly touch screen, and that the CDJ900 doesn't have hot cues. But anything else you guys can point out?




Tyler Burgess

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of Course you'll take the 1000mk2 way better device:


- flac/alac Support

- rgb waveforms

- way better/faster cpu

- better Display with touch

- possibility to add sp1 and xp1 for cues/Loops/etc.


the 900nxs is kinda legacy hw.

Daniel Ventura 0 votes
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