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[easy fix] BPM range in track filter

Why is it that in the track filter options I can only select the range on the BPM filter to be ±6% maximum.


I regularly speed up my records with more than 6% so I could very well want to have this as a filter option in the track filter. Normally I have my pitch range set at 10%, so filtering for this shouldn't be too much to ask, should it?

Edit: I have this issue with the XDJ-RX2, but I found out that this is also the case with the track filter in rekordbox on the PC.

Michaël Kuijs

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Because 6 is the greatest number of all time!

Not sure why, I'll pass it along, but in the meantime, consider using the related tracks; you can put any value you want in there.

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This is the dumbest thing ever, how has this still not been addressed? You can put up to ±30 in rekordbox, and ±100 on the tempo fader, but on the actual browser on a device you can still only choose 6.

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