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DDJ-RX Mapping for Traktor

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/6pmffo9c6mdqaxm/Pioneer_DDJ-RX_for-all-those_09-1-2018_v1.tsi

the mapping has been made with traktor v2.8,0, all the buttons on the DDJ-RX console will work as the label says, with 4 decks, 4 FX units and 4 Remix decks, the only changes are as follows :

  • browser back button = scroll down tree list
  • browser tag button = scroll up tree list
  • browser knob button push = expand tree list

  • mixer channel FX 1 & 2 = will load next/previous track in browser

  • slip/vinyl button = will switch between track and remix deck mode on deck layers 1,2,3,4

  • grid adjust button = will increase the slicers, freezemode steps to match the
  • number of pads
  • grid slide button = will decrease the slicers, freezemode steps

  • shift + FX unit knob = select FX when Fx unit is in group mode

  • shift + needle touch strip = zoom in on waveform


the only "bug" is when you first power on or load traktor, you will need to press deck layer buttons 1 & 2 to enable a modifier which will allow the FX units to work, along with FX units 3 & 4 for decks C & D

I also have'nt included any pad FX

when a remix deck is being used, you will need the sampler pads, which only play 2 samples on each slot of a deck

for all those

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