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XDJ-R1 not making any sound

Hello, I've just got my new pioneer xdj-r1 today and the audio doesn't seem to be working. I've connected the xdj-r1 to a power source, then to a computer via usb. Everything seems fine, the lights are on, it's able to play stuff from my usb drive (without audio) and my computer recognises it too.

Yes, I have done the following things trying to fix this problem:

- Turning up all the volume related knobs (Master volume, faders etc...)

- Checked that my power is really connected

- Checked that my usb is connected to my laptop

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: Sorry I forgot to say that I'm running on Mac OS X

kevin chen

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Have you tried a CD to see if it plays out with Volume/  Have you checked the TRIM knobs to see that they are turned up?

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