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Feature Request: Toriaz SP-16 and AS-1

Dear Pioneer DJ,

First of all, a big thanks for amazing products and for your dedication to quality and operational excellence! It is with great joy and anticipation I, and the community, look forward to your journey into production elements, and your collaboration with Dave Smith is an excellent route to take. As you enter the market with the now well established SP-16, and the new AS-1 – there are some things I’d like to see.

  1. Put “Pro DJ Link” on everything you make. Make this your default method of syncing up things. Having to use a MIDI cable from SP-16 to the AS-1 is cold-war era thinking. MIDI as an option is fine, but for the hardcore Pioneer DJs out there, we are so used to using the Ethernet/IP switch to connect everything, and the AS-1 should have that capability as well.
  2. You have been offering RCA/Coaxial digital outputs on all your high-end gear. Where is this feature on the SP-16 and AS-1?
  3. Have the accessories for your new hardware ready from day 1. Where are the sturdy flight cases for SP-1 and AS-1? Where are the rock-solid stands for the devices?

 Thank you!

Tord Forland

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