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DVS Control from CDJs

Ok so here it is, the Serato/Traktor killer.  CDJ's are fully capable of playing back digital files and Pioneer has entered the DVS arena, but there is still no DVS on the market that works without dragging a laptop out.  Why oh why can't Pioneer figure out a way to use the CDJs to load and manage the digital files and have a way to plug in a turntable with a timecode vinyl to control the files being played on the CDJ?  I know this may sound like an odd request, like why would you use the turntable when you have the CDJ right there. Well some people just prefer the feeling of turntables and don't like the way CDJs feel so they bring out their laptops, serato/traktor box and set all that up as opposed to just using the CDJs that are already sitting there. So Pioneer, figure out a way for us to leave our computers at home and I guarantee you turntable DJs will actually start using Rekordbox DVS.

Solution 1:

Pioneer 850 mixers and above already have phono inputs and a built in sound card capable of seeing phono inputs and sending them thru the USB.  Figure out a way to send this directly to the CDJ's and control the digital file.  Now i'm not a technical guru so I don't know the technical limitations of this but all i know is "there has to be a way" Maybe it's not possible with the 850 but at the very least a mixer with LINK should already have all the technology right there, but for some reason Pioneer has failed to figure out how to make all their equipment communicate in this very basic way.


Solution 2:  A standalone box, similar to a serato/traktor box that you can plug the turntables into and communicate with the CDJs over USB or LINK.  I don't think I need to explain this one much more.

Conclusion: Figure it out Pioneer and turntable DJs will love you for it. Nobody likes dragging their laptops out for gigs, many DJs have had their laptops stolen right from the DJ booth when it's left there after their set.  We would love a way to just plug in a USB and use turntables without the use of a laptop.  I realize this won't be a final solution for every gig as it would require all the venues to have the right CDJs and mixer (the box could be used with any mixer), but the 2000's are already standard in most clubs. 

Do It

Matt Main

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Would love this feature as well! I honestly despise using laptops when performing so I currently only use CDJs with USB sticks, but I love vinyl as well so if we could use DVS to directly access the music on CDJs, from turntable to mixer/soundcard and then USB to CDJ (similar to the way you can connect DDJ-XP1 or SP1) this setup would give us the best of both worlds!

I could see a lot more DJs switching to Rekordbox as well as PioneerDJ selling even more CDJ/XDJs since you would no longer need to invest in or carry around a laptop! (After all, music could be prepared on any computer, doesn't have to be a laptop!)

This is my current setup but of course I still have to connect to a computer for the DVS function, but imagine if I didn't have to!!!!!


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