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new laptop issues... Usb syncing / other functions now limitated...

Hi im still having problems with my new laptop and partially old USB database!
So i was thinking and thinking of a solution

something in a way where all my exact same tracks i have on my usb  stored in a shadow copy on my hdd are reimported in a new database..
That would make the datafile.edb think these tracks stored on my usb are the same as my usb tracks.. and thus i could use syncmanager and finally also use "My tag"
Because now i just can't use alot of rekordbox functions properly

If u could just Reverse sync Playlists/tracks WITH hotcues back to ur collection

or a option where i could be able to use "My Tag" Directly on ur USB (this is needed to be implemented anyway really badly ...)
only it just isnt a fix for my sync problems but still it s really handy..

i have thought of multiple solutions and really complicated ways to workaround and this is my best solution that isnt even that hard for u guys to make..
and its really usefull for everyone coping with broken laptops/crashed laptops
thus having problems to recreate and sync USBs with new laptop playlists ....
Im sure there are similar more easy ways for u guys but this is what i can come of

my solution contains 2 files

An USB Hotcue backup Xml file that ONLY stores "locations'' and could be made and opened by rekordbox now
An zipped/Copied USBANLZ folder/zip from ur USB

the Xml file is supposed "when opted" to make rekordbox rewrite all hotcue info stored on the usb ( a clean usb containing all the tracks i have "imported from the backup content with a fresh rekordbox datafile " without hotcues, beatgrid etc)

the USB Hotcue backup xml u would made / summoned in rekordbox from ur "old USB with hotcues etc" would Look something like this:

it stores the location of ur Usb tracks, for example track X =

F:\Contents\Kurtis Blow\The Breaks.mp3 *

under that it stores the USBANLZ LOCATION of track =




  1. So i now have the USB hotcues backup xml from old USB
    And i have a USBANLZ folder copy zip from my old USB

  2. import all the same tracks into a clean empty rekordbox collection from my backup partition

  3. import all those tracks to my clean empty USB.
    Now i just delete the USB s new USBANLZ Folder and repaste the zipped USBANLZ Copy from my Old USBANLZ containing my hotcue info etc

  4. now i want Rekordbox to use my Hotcue backup XML that will rewrite every listed tracklocation with its given USBANLZ folder location,

  5. when it spots a exact same tracklocation on the USB it rewrites the export.pdb from the USB and tells Export.pdb the new USBANLZ location of that track

    So u can replace "hotcue/file info locations" and have a "fresh new collection but with its old hotcues
    where i  am finally able to SYNC my tracks or use MY TAG
    I really want to use my tag and if it's possible to use it directly

i have made alot of effort and im trying to solve this for weeks so i really would like a adepted committed response to this..


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Hello Remon,

Will you please create an inquiry from the link below?

rekordbox engineers will take care of your issues using the information you will provide in the inquiry form.


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

Best regards,

CRM, Pioneer DJ

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